Let’s Go Running in Daegu!

Today I want to take you with me  while I go running in Daegu! I am signed up for a half marathon in 3 weeks and I am so excited! For the first time in my life I am having knee pain post run and it is pretty concerning. I made myself go slow today and took lots a stretch breaks, no pain so far but any advice on knee injury prevention would be happily accepted! I have no clue, I have never dealt with this before.

So I had every intention of going to running club this morning but when the alarm went off at 6:45 am, the prospect of an hour long bus ride just didn’t seem appealing and I went back to bed. I eventually got out the door with the intention of doing 5 miles, and felt so good I wound up knocking out 6.

Living near the running trail on the river is one of my favorite things about living here. It is always interesting people watching and sometimes I daydream about being back on the Austin Hike and Bike Trail

Running in Daegu

View from the bridge

About half way through my run I realized I had been intently staring at the ground and listening to my head phones, totally zoned out and in my own world. I am working on being more present and I wanted to feel connected to my surroundings. I caught myself and wanted to fix it.  So I looked up. As soon as I did I was met with a wall of eyes from 5 unsmiling people.

I remembered why I was looking down.

But, I smiled and waved at all of them. None of them acknowledged me back.


It is such a strange sensation to hold unrelenting eye contact with a person who is not acknowledging that you can see them staring at you. I always think waving will ameliorate the situation but it rarely does.


Later on the trail and ajuma (slang for grandma) started cheering for me and gave me high five! So, like always, it is a mixed bag. I also saw a group of teenage boys whispering and then pointing at me. I took my usually route and waved back. *Crickets*.

I think there is a sale over there.

I think there is a sale over there.


The trail is not just a trail. It is a social hour! There are benches where friends gather and sit down, there are outdoor gyms, bike lanes, and basketball courts!


Running in Daegu 3

Benches to gather.

Here you can take your shoes off and walk on some rocks.

Here you can take your shoes off and walk on some rocks.


Running in Daegu 6Running in Daegu

The bathrooms and decorated so whimsically. Are you a modern or traditional bride?

running in Daegu

Need a hula hoop? Korea’s got you covered, what size?




Running in DaeguRunning in Daegu 4Runing in Daegu 5

Some sweet street art. The tiger, apple woman is by far my favorite thing I saw today.

Running in Daegu 10

Look! They set up a finish line for me! And it is my biggest fans, the used car lot inflatable people. They are cheering for me!

Running in Daegu 11

Alright, 6.1 miles down! 3 weeks until the race and so far knee is feeling okay. Thanks for joining me, that is what it is like to go running in Daegu. As always, every time I leave my door there are blank stares, joyful moments and unexpected surprises. What a great way to start my Saturday, Happy Weekend, All!

What is it like to run where you are? Do you have any experience with knee injuries sustained from running? 

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