2016 Look Back

Well…That was…something. 2016. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It was bad. So. Many. People. Died. Terrorist attacks in Orlando, Germany, France, Syria. Rampant sexism and xenophobia in the U.S. Watching my Sher-o Hillary Clinton losing an election to an unqualified, liar making dangerous promises on a whim to throngs of screaming crowds. Inciting violence and hate at rallies. Neo-nazi celebration and a KKK parade in the street. It hurts. My mom just opened the champagne that had been sitting in our fridge, that we had imagined sharing together to celebrate our first Women president. I so wanted that moment with my mom, a women who has spent her entire adult life dedicated to social justice and the advancement of women’s rights. I still, really, do not understand. But this year was about more than the election and some good things did happen. So here are some of the highlights of my personal life in 2016:

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2016 Reading Round Up

I careened into 2016 excited and ready to go. I spent NYE making a vision board, stating my goals and choosing guiding words for the year (Intention and Attention). I was so sure that I would be able to complete the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. I was really excited, sent out texts to a bunch of friends to join me and printed out the checklist.

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Korean Cabs Are Like a Box of Chocolates

Going through my computer, I found this piece I wrote and never published. Here is some throwback Korean fun!

Korean cabs are a like a box of chocolates.

My experiences in Korean cabs have been as varied as the flavors of kimchi I have sampled.  Some are a little sweet, some are sour and some are outright regrettable.

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After the dust comes the snow

So I waxed poetic about coming back to Fairbanks.

It was an easy thing to do and at the time it felt true. Leaving Korea and coming to Alaska felt right and peaceful. And I had so much to look forward to. A marathon to run and a graduate class to take.

The marathon has been run and the class is almost over.

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How To Turn Your Life Into a Vacation

During my senior year of college  9-5 wasn’t calling me and I wasn’t sure why I wanted to go  back to school. I knew there was a different answer for me, if you want to know how to turn your life into a vacation, keep reading!

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Swimming Hiatus and a Milk Shower

Korean Swimming

On my walk to swimming today I contemplated my decision to take a month off. Am I just being lazy? I always talk about how swimming is one of the best parts of my experience here so do I really need a break from it? Will I be able to keep up with running on my own, am I sure I will make the commitment to come back in April?

Korean Swimming

Sign outside the pool

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