Korean Cabs Are Like a Box of Chocolates

Going through my computer, I found this piece I wrote and never published. Here is some throwback Korean fun!

Korean cabs are a like a box of chocolates.

My experiences in Korean cabs have been as varied as the flavors of kimchi I have sampled.  Some are a little sweet, some are sour and some are outright regrettable.

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The Most Important Thing About Being Alive: My Temple Stay

South Korea Temple Stay

4 am. Blackness. Wind howling outside my room. Branches being ripped off trees and flying all over the temple grounds. Awoken to the gentle sounds of gongs and chants.  And the violent gusts of wind. The monks were marching towards their morning prayer. And we were about to join them.

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Half Marathon: Calamity and Completion

So My half-marathon didn’t go quite as expected…

I was standing in the corral shoulder to shoulder. Packed in tight. My anticipation was building, my heart was beating but I was breathing to stay calm. I was nervous, but I was ready. I was jumping around and shaking out my legs. The fireworks went off and the marathoners took off. I cheered for them and kept shuffling around. Right about then is when I quickly realized that everyone around me was wearing a blue bib and I was wearing a pink bib. It dawned on me that I was in the wrong corral and when the fireworks had gone off a few minutes ago and the runners took off, the runners I had been cheering for, that was MY race and I was supposed to be with them. Uhg.

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Do We Burn More Calories Laughing or Working Out? Part 1

This is a guest post from my travel, fitness and blogging buddy Michelle, from The Millennial In Motion! She shares my interest in staying healthy in Korea, she always sees the humor and we both are on a quest to see everything while we are here!  We both found ourselves in fitness classes where we were the sole Waygooks (foreigners). She chose Tae Kwon Do as her work out of choice and here are some of the highlights from her experience (spoiler alert: they are good).

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Let’s Go Running in Daegu!

Today I want to take you with me  while I go running in Daegu! I am signed up for a half marathon in 3 weeks and I am so excited! For the first time in my life I am having knee pain post run and it is pretty concerning. I made myself go slow today and took lots a stretch breaks, no pain so far but any advice on knee injury prevention would be happily accepted! I have no clue, I have never dealt with this before.

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Life in Korea: The Highs and Lows

I have realized that I don’t have good days and bad days but that all days have a bunch of tiny battles and on days where I win more small battles than I loose, I win the war of the day. Life in Korea is full of highs and lows. There are amazing moments and awkward moments and lonely moments filling my days, often back to back. My days are as varied as the mysterious meats I have sampled and just like the meats, some are better than others.

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C-Section Scars and Dumplings: My Weekend in Shanghai

I think the measure of a girls’ weekend is how hard you laughed and in Shanghai I was in stitches.

Group trips give me a little bit of anxiety, different personalities, different travel styles and different objectives don’t always make for smooth sailing. Even if you know the people you are traveling with pretty well you never really know what it is going to be like until you go on the trip. I was a little nervous but everything came together and we had the best time! I loved Shanghai and the girls I was with. We (Michelle, Karli Arielle and I) had so many inside jokes that carried through the weekend and I was laughing until their tears in my eyes multiple times. Success.

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Trust Your Guts and Walk Away pt. 2

Trust Your Guts means a lot of different things to me; it means going inward for answers instead of outwards,it means authenticity, it means knowing when to stay and it means knowing when to leave. The following is a story of the latter.

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I Live Where? Top 5 Pinch Me Moments of Life In Korea

My Top 5 Pinch Me Moments of Life in Korea

After spending nearly 5 months (!!!) in Korea, I have started to acclimate to the culture. I realized this the other day when I was walking down the street and stepped over a dead octopus without thinking twice about it. And again, when I caught myself eating scrambled eggs with chopsticks while sitting on the floor. People still stare at me all the time and I never know what anyone around me is saying, but those things have faded to background and I have more or less accepted them as normalcy. I thought to commemorate 5 months of life in Korea  I would share my best “pinch me” moments so far.

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Snapshots From the Korean Classroom

I was nervous about what the dynamic in the classroom would be like here. I definitely employ the philosophy that kids are way more willing to engage if they are having fun. If class is not fun I think they check out and don’t try and don’t care. This creates a toxic learning environment both in the pool and the classroom. So, I try to use as much interaction, games and engaging exercises as possible. I want class to be fun! I was worried that this wouldn’t fly here and I would be asked to adhere to super strict code of conduct.

ESL Teacher Korea

Teaching on one of my first days here…and by teaching I mean posing for photos to put on the cork board in front of the school.

But actually, I was given almost complete autonomy over my classroom and was encouraged to make my classes fun and have since realized that kids are just kids everywhere you go.

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