Bucket List

I don’t travel to tick countries off a list and I don’t pursue experiences so I can say I did them. I have mixed feelings about bucket lists because I think they give some false measure of success. It is more important to enjoy just one of these experiences than to just do all of them. I think the magic is in the journey and some of my best life experiences have been totally unexpected ones. That being said, I still want to create a bucket list. Because, well, daydreaming is so much fun.

I’m no realist and my bucket list is a little bit ridiculous. Without winning the lottery or scoring a rich (and adventurous)  husband I don’t really see how I could do all these things. But this is MY blog and MY bucket list and I can dream as big as I want to! TYGT is no place for limits!! Right? Right!

To quote Icono Pop, “you want me down on earth, but I am up in space.”

I also want to note that I want this list list to be fluid. I want it to live, breathe,  grow and develop as I do. I am sure there will be additions and subtractions over time and that is just fine. This is no yardstick of a life well lived. There are so many more ways to measure that. This is a collection of  fun dreams I have for myself.  You (read; I) have no way to know what experiences you (I) will prioritize a year, a month or a week from now. But TODAY, here is what mine looks like:


  • Full Marathon
  • Compete in Swim Race, both Pool and Open Water
  • Triathlon Sprint/ Olympic/ 1/2 Iron Man distances
  • Running Goal Times: Break 25 min 5k, Break 50 minute 10k, break 2 hours 1/2 marathon (Maybe Complete), Marathon Goal- FINISH.
  • Join Crossfit
  • Become a Certified  Yoga Teacher OR partake in a Month-Long Yoga Retreat
  • Get comfortable backcountry skiing


  • I am not even going to make a list because there are so many and my top choices are always changing, so I will just say a TON of them.



  • Holi
  • Burning Man
  • La Tomatina
  • Pamplona Bull Run
  • Yacht Week
  • Every music festival ever?
  • See a concert at Red Rocks
  • Yoga Festival


  • Temple Stay
  • Green Tea Fields
  • DMZ ( I have mixed feelings on this, I will elaborate more on later)
  • Samsung Lions Baseball Game!
  • Jeju Island and hike Hallasan Mountain (didn’t happen)
  • Club in Gangnam
  • Escape the Room
  • Dog Cafe
  • Beach Camping
  • K-Pop Concert (Psy no less. And FOR FREE!)
  • Seoul Grand Palaces (probably 1 is good, there are 5)
  • Eat live octopus (didn’t happen)

International Adventures

  • Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Volunteer Internationally in a way that is impactful


  • Vipassana
  • Take a pottery class and glass blowing class
  • Dive with sharks
  • Learn to Sail (and go on sailing journey)
  • Play my banjo at an open mic night
  • Adult Summer Camp
  • Become self- aware, spiritually enlightened, kind-hearted and more giving (easy, right?)
  • Find a sustainable way fuel all these adventures WHILE doing meaningful and fulfilling work (easy, right?)
  • Have a personalized backsplash

I am tired just writing this, but also excited. I can’t wait to live out some, all or even just one of these adventures! Whoo hoo! Do you have a bucket list? What is on yours?