I’m an adventure-craving,  gut-trusting girl from Alaska.  My life is riddled with misadventures and awkward moments. I love swimming, traveling and asking big questions. After a year long stint in South Korea I am currently in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am doing my best to live with intention, gratitude, curiosity, and humor.  This is where I will chronicle my daily adventures and my thoughts on travel and life. Follow along in the adventure!

Seounum Market

Wanna know more background?

I have always had a passion for place. I am addicted to curiosity and have lived in many locations and still not sure which to call home.Originally from Alaska, I went to school outside Boston, I studied abroad in New Zealand, worked for a rafting company in Denali National Park, spent 4 winters ski bumming in the mountains in Montana, spent a year and a half in Austin, Texas and backpacked 3 months through South East Asia solo.

All of these adventures  were born in moments where I trusted my guts. I didn’t stew over any of these decisions but took  chances in brave moments. Moments which turned into realities.  That’s where the beauty is born, and that’s what I want to share here.